I have always loved to learn new things and am constantly on the lookout to grow my skill-set and broaden my mind. Whether it's a new technology, unique printing method, paper stock or new ideas about living life and doing business, I'm game! But I don't only accumulate this cool stuff, I pass it on. Like a good meal, knowledge is best when it is shared with friends.



LOVE this site! There are videos, articles and workbooks all dedicated to making your creative ideas happen.


Adobe Knowledge Base

Great Resource of Tutorials about Muse produced by Adobe. It helped me create this website!



The Association of Graphic Artists. Great resources for standards and guides for graphic artists of all types.



Videos and articles about designing cool stuff. I like the simple, straight-forward approach they use.


Beauty of Engraving

Beauty of Letterpress

These two sites are created by Neenah paper. It is an opportunity to see beautiful work and find out more about the craft and craftspeople involved in creating it.



Created and updated daily by the UnderConsideration team, this website shows current Brand revisions and new Brand creations.


Creative Market

I really fell in love with this site. Reasonably priced graphics, themes, backgrounds, fonts created by designers.



Inspiring designs which help me think "outside the box". I don't do a lot of package design (yet) but I love to check this site out for inspration. They feature beautiful printing, amazing logos and yes... awesome packaging!


Fast Company Design

One of the few newsletters I have signed up for and kept for years. The material is relevant and it tackles all things design.


I can't say enough good things about this site! I reference it constantly for folding and mailing information. I purchase templates cause sometimes my brain doesn't want to do the math for an 8 panel accordion folded piece. I also get inspired by Trish Witkowski's 60-second Super Cool Fold of the Week.



For Print Only, the sister of Brand New is a must! It is updated daily and I never miss it.


HOW Design

One-stop site for EVERYTHING Design. My favorite design magazine and host of the BEST CONFERENCE EVER!


inHOWse Design Blog

This site discusses unique situations that only in-house designers face on a daily basis. As an in-house designer it is kind of nice to know that you're not alone.



Want to learn something? Anything? Check out Lynda.com. Not just software videos anymore, you can learn about business, photography, graphic design... The library keeps growing and if you use this resource, so will you! And there are apps available for iPhone and iPad so you can even learn on the go!



This is another favorite. There is a members' only section, but you can get a lot out of it even if you aren't a member. They also feature many one-of-a-kind webinars on papers and printing.



I definitely use Pinterest for work and play. Most of my "pins" are design related and I get so much inspiration from it. I also use it to pin things realated to projects I'm working on.

iPhone Apps:


I have had a subscription for Audible for at least 10 years. I love listening to them while working and driving... They have an incredible library of books.. Probably my all time favorite app.



I love creating and managing my lists. I also love the interactivity of the app.



My favorite way to organize my to dos. You can access it online and on your phone.


Adobe Kuler

If you have a cooler app for color, let me know. I love the interactivity of this app. I can collect color swatches from anywhere at any time!

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace."  - G.K. Chesterton


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